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Red Onion vs. Yellow Onion: What’s the Difference?

Onions are part of our recipes. But does the color of the onion matter? And which color is the best?

Onions are incredibly versatile vegetables in our kitchen pantry for cooking and add flavor to our dishes – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But which onion should you choose for your recipe? Here is what you need to know about red onion vs. yellow onion.

The two onions vary slightly in texture, flavor, and color, though they can be substituted for one another. They all behave the same when cooked in the pan.

Red Onion vs. Yellow Onion: The Differences

Even though they are just slightly different, let’s see what differentiates the two onions.

Red Onion

Red onion

Red onions are often used in salsas, salads, and other raw preparations because of their bright color and crispy texture. They can also be sliced for sandwiches. However, if you want to eat them raw, try soaking them in water before you serve them.

Red onion is fairly similar to yellow onion in flavor, only that their layers are slightly less tender and meaty. And they have deep purple outer skin with reddish flesh. But the red color gets washed out while cooking, though it can still be delicious.

Yellow onion

Yellow onion

This is an all-purpose onion that is great for cooking and adding flavors to our dishes because they are sweet in flavor. They become sweeter the longer they cook. So, you should cook for longer to enjoy their sweetness.

Yellow onions are fist-sized with fairy tough skin and meaty layers. They are a perfect choice for caramelizing, which removes their natural sweetness. And they are the most popularly sold in America.

We have also discovered that Spanish onion, which is a particular kind of yellow onion is slightly sweeter and more delicate in flavor.

What to Look for When Buying Onions?

When buying onions, consider their texture, skin, and smell to avoid buying onions that are spoiled or old. Buy onions that are heavy and firm. Avoid onions with a sharp smell before feeling. There are signs of rotten onions except for sweet onions.

However, onions can be stored for several weeks in a cool, dark pantry or cupboard. Therefore, you can store your red or yellow onions in a cool place or cupboard.

Which Onion to Choose: Red or Yellow?

The two onions are slightly unique in texture, color, and flavor, and they can be substituted for one another. It depends on the purpose you intend to use the onion for.

For salads, salsas, and anything raw preparations, we recommend red onions because of their color and mild flavor.

But if it’s for cooking and adding flavor to dishes, yellow onion is the perfect choice because of its sweet flavor. In fact, it gets sweeter when cooked for longer.

Let us know which onion you will choose!

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