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Fresh Produce in Wichita

Fresh Produce in Wichita

Are you always able to access fresh food from the market? Maybe yes or no. And what if there aren’t any places near you where you can get fresh produce? Maybe it has been challenging to get in and out of the grocery stores due to a lack of options. Skyrocketed pricing? Covid-19 pandemic? Not as mobile as you once were? Transportation challenges?

It is hard to buy truly fresh vegetables and fruits. However, you want to enjoy locally grown, healthy fresh food with your family. But how and where will you get fresh produce in Wichita?

This article will help you with simple tips on how to get fresh produce in Wichita, leaving you with more time to spend with your family and enjoy a memorable time together.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

How to Get Fresh Produce in Wichita?

We understand that getting fresh produce is difficult, especially in food insecurity areas of Wichita and other more rural locations like Haysville, Newton, Hesston, Andorra, and the town of Clearwater.

If you are within those areas, you understand what we mean, right?

So, this begs the question, how can you get fresh foods hassle-free?

Here is what to do:

  • Look for a nearby farm or market
  • You can order from fresh food stores

But wait, let me explain.

1. Look for a Nearby Grocery or Farm

If you can locate a nearby local farm that grows vegetables and fruits, then you can buy your fresh vegetables and fruits from there.

But, if there is no market near you with fresh food, you don’t have to panic. There is an alternative.

And here its.

2. You Can Order From Online Fresh Food Vendors

Not all food vendors will offer you fresh, green products. But at Common Ground Producers and Growers, we grow and produce locally. We ensure our people are served freshly produced food from the farm.

But before you order your products from online fresh food stores, below are the factors to consider to help you decide when buying from food vendors online.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Fresh Produce From Online Stores

  1. Check if the online fresh food vendor is reliable. Ensure that the food vendor is dependable.
  2. Do your research to ensure the vegetables and fruits are available, garden-fresh, and free from pesticides and herbicides
  3. Some online stores charge higher prices on their products. So, check the price of the product to see if they are affordable
  4. Ensure that the online store delivers your goods directly to you once you place your order.

And that is it.

Now you know. Do you? Of course, you do.

And if you have read up to this point, you are ready to find out where you can get your fresh vegetables and foods delivered to your doorstep.

Where to Get Fresh Produce in Wichita?

Common Ground Producers and Growers will get your freshly-picked, healthy produce delivered to you. We have a mobile market that takes fresh foods to senior centres and other underserved areas in south-central Kansas.

We grow and produce vegetables and fruits like beets, greens, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, tomatoes, and more. People use their farmlands to cultivate and provide fresh produce with the common purpose of feeding the needy, senior citizens, and others in the community.

The Common Ground Growers and Producers were founded in 2016 by Donna Pearson-McClish in Wichita, Kansas. Common Ground is nationally recognized and the only predominant African-American chapter in the Kansas Farmers Association. 

If you’re wondering if the food is local, we grow all our produce locally. And we do not use herbicides or pesticides to produce our goods. Everything is natural.

Also, we work with a network of growers within 100 miles, so the food is locally grown. Also, Common Ground collaborates with other local producers to provide fresh, locally grown food for distribution in the areas. We also have additional outlets for growers to ensure the food is delivered to the people at the right time while fresh.

Our partners are CPAAA and others. We work together to ensure fresh food is available in plenty. We have expanded in low-income and food desert areas. And because there are unused senior vouchers, we have increased spending power by 218% through the senior-market voucher program to enable you to purchase the products easily. 

And this has reduced the impact of Covid-19 on our most vulnerable population.

What next?

Now you know how and where to find fresh produce for your family. You also know what to consider when buying from online-fresh stores. It should not be hard now. You can begin your search by looking for a nearby market or online fresh food store.

But you can get your fresh food delivered to you from our store. We also accept EBT, Food Stamps, and SNAP benefits.

Remember to mention this blog and ask for a 20% discount when you order.

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