2018 National Farmers Union Fly-In


Posted on the Kansas Farmers Union Facebook Page dated September 13, 2018

Donn was thrilled to get this report and photos from Donna Pearson McClish of Common Ground Producers and Growers, Inc.., who is taking part in her first National Farmers Union Fly-In….
Good morning, this is a picture of our team meeting this morning at the Rayburn office building to get our day started. I think we have a very strong, diverse team: Zach (Pistoria) on policy, Tom (Buller) on extension service, Keisha (McClish Couts) on rural mental health, and me (Donna Pearson McClish) on SNAP and farmers markets. Tom (Giessel) is an excellent leader with all of his experience to help guide us and our meetings are going well. Thank you for the opportunities!

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